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Eco Friendly System

ETP to treat the waste water from the plant to harmless reusable water.Capacity-2 Lakhs liters of water per day.Eco Friendly Packaging.


Bulk Milk Procurement centers for every 30 KM radius.Wide spread marketing network resulting in the strong regional presence.


Vijay Dairy & Farm Products (P) Ltd was incorporated in the year 1994. Vijay Dairy has a committed vision to procure quality milk from
the farmers and produce milk and milk products through superior technology and process and makes it available to customers at competitive price.

Quality Assurance

Ensures Quality Products and value for Customer's money.MMPO Certified milk processing.AGMARK for Ghee.

Health Products

The nutrition rich fresh milk and the milk products are packed as per qualified hygienic standards of food packaging.

Good health and happy family !

Our Feature Product

No Antibiotics, No Artificial Growth Harmones

Specialties of Vijay Lassi Vijay Lassi high in protein, riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B12 and calcium

One glass of Lassi provides 99 calories

Buttermilk is more easily digestible. Very nourishing in nature

Vijay Lassi

Quench Ur Thirst


Lassi is a traditional summer drink from the state of Punjab. This popular, creamy, sweetened yogurt drink is a gem among Indian food recipes. Sweet lassi is slightly heavy due to the use of rich milk and sugar. The key to good lassi is to use thick homemade yogurt (curd) that is absolutely chilled and hand blended with a wooden churner. The yogurt is fresh and sweet in flavor. Lassi makes for a filling breakfast and you are good to go for the day.


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Milk RealThick 500ml


Heart friendly nutritive milk with the composition of Fat 3% and SNF 8.5%.

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Milk Super 500ml


Milk with the perfect nutrition composition to fulfill the vital requirements of health which consists of Fat 4.5% and SNF 8.5%.

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Rich and soft paneer which has the smooth surfaced texture.

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Milk Premium 500ml


Rich, creamy and highly nutritious drink which fulfills extra energy requirements and consists of Fat – 6% and SNF – 9%.

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Milk Lite 500ml


Specially processed less fat milk for extra diet conscious milk lovers with the composition of Fat 1.5% and SNF 9%.

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Natural healthy curd is packed in a hygienic manner which makes you sense the homemade freshness.

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Homemade Ghee prepared from pure cow’s milk with granular texture and natural aroma.

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Masala Buttermilk specially prepared to match the taste of south Indians with the blend of natural ingredients which is rich in taste, energy and very healthy.

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Lassi is a traditional summer drink from the state of Punjab.

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